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Build Your Own Website
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2 014
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The book is about learning the fundamental concepts that are used to build a website

Table of Contents (Summary): 
  1. The First Day of Class

  2. The Trouble with HTML

  3. Kim Makes Things Look Great with CSS

  4. Kim Explores WordPress City

  5. Customizing WordPress

  6. The Big Launch


Table of Contents (Expanded): 
  1. The First Day of Class

    • Web Basics 101

    • What You Need

      • A Web Browser

      • A Text Editor

    • Stuff to Know

      • How Do You Read an Address?

      • What Are Clients and Servers?

      • What’s a Host?

  2. The Trouble with HTML

    • Kim Learns Basic HTML Tags

    • Paths and Naming Conventions

    • Adding Pictures

    • Organizing Files and Folders

    • Playing with HTML

    • Getting Started

    • Using Basic HTML Tags

    • Embedding Images into Your Web Page

    • Adding a Head to Your Document

    • Some Useful HTML Tags

  3. Kim Makes Things Look Great with CSS

    • Enter CSS

    • Kim Learns Basic CSS

    • Digging into CSS

    • Kim Learns CSS Classes and IDs

    • Cascading Style Sheets

    • Setting Up Your Stylesheet and Linking It to Your HTML

    • Making Your First Stylesheet

    • CSS: The Language of Style

      • CSS Syntax

      • Classes, IDs, and Inheritance

      • Colors

      • The <div> Tag and Alignment with CSS 

      • Margins and Padding

      • Using <div>s for Structure

  4. Kim Explores WordPress City

    • Welcome to WordPress City 

    • Kim Learns Her Way Around WordPress

    • Kim Builds Her First Page in WordPress 

    • Kim Organizes Her Site

    • Kim Adds Photos and Other Media to Her Site

    • Getting Started with WordPress

    • Logging In and Out of WordPress

    • Check Your Work as You Go

    • WordPress Content: Posts and Pages

      • Plan Your Site

      • Creating Your First Page

      • Creating a Blog Post

      • Getting Organized: Post Categories and Tags

      • Featured Images

      • Using Video, Photos, and Quotes with Post Formats

    • Managing and Deleting Content

  5. Customizing WordPress

    • The Appearance Panel

    • Superpower Your Site with Plugins

    • Kim Looks Behind the Curtain

    • Changing the Appearance: Theme Basics

      • Customizing Your Theme

      • Customizing Your Navigation Menu

      • Understanding the Screen Options Tab

    • Customized Settings

    • Advanced Customization

    • Plugins

    • Widgets

    • Updates

    • Moving Hosts Using the Tools Panel

    • For More Help

  6. The Big Launch

    • There’s No Place Like Your Web Host

    • Kim’s Portfolio Finds a Home

    • A Network of Friends

    • So You’re Ready to Set Up Your Website

    • Setting Up Hosting: A Home Online

    • Getting a Basic HTML and CSS Site Up and Running

    • Setting Up WordPress

    • Conclusion 



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