Course Detail: Big Data and Hadoop

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BigData and Hadoop are two popular keywords that you will almost always see and hear in today's IT industry. It has applications in many different areas. It has also huge job opportunity. This is a hands on developer training and assumes basic Java coding knowledge.

Course Content: 

Module 1 (Half Day) - Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop


Module 2 (Half Day) - Hadoop Administration and YARN, with Lab



Module 3 (Full Day) - Map Reduce 2.0 with Lab



Module 4 (Half Day) - Data transfer using Sqoop and Flume, with Lab



Module 5 (Half Day) - Data processing Pig and Hive , with Lab




Important Notes

  1. Demo classes will be provided on demand.

  2. Prerequisites: Knowledge of core Java, basic programming skills and knowledge of basic Linux commands are required for this course, if you are not selecting elective 3. 

  3. This is an introductory course to Hadoop and ecosystem, and syllabus is similar to most corporate training plans and job market requirements.

  4. Advanced courses are available on demand on many of the ecosystem components such as SPARK, Pig, Hive and NoSQL Databases.

  5. Course contents may be modified slightly on demand, if all the students and the instructor agree.

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Rs. 2500.00(Limited Time Offer)

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