Course Detail: GUI Programming in Java with Java FX

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This course gets you familiar with one of the two most popular GUI technologies in Java - Java FX. Java FX is an RIA framework and is a later addition to Java after having Swing for a long time. Oracle considers it as a replacement to Swing in future. You may also check the course on Swing. 

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GUI Programming in Java with Java FX

  1. Introduction To JavaFx

  2. Download and install JavaFX

  3. First JavaFX Application

  4. Use Lambda Expressions to Handle Events

  5. Getting started with JavaFX Scene Builder

  6. Events with JavaFX Scene Builder

  7. Styling with CSS in  JavaFX

  8. Build a Calculator in JavaFX using MVC

  9. Create a sample logon application

  10. Using ImageView, ComboBox, ListView, TreeView etc.

  11. Using File Chooser.

  12. JavaFX Properties

  13. JavaFX and JDBC

  14. Sample project Contact Management application.

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