Course Detail: GUI Programming in Java with Swing

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This course gets you familiar with one of the two most popular GUI technologies in Java - Swing. You may also check the course on Java FX. Swing was part of core Java for a very long time and Java FX is a later addition. Currently both Swing and Java FX are part of core Java. 

Course Content: 

Getting Familiar with Swing

  1. Introduction

  2. Creating a Basic Swing Application

  3. Adding Components

  4. Responding to Button Clicks

  5. Custom Components

  6. Toolbars, Draggable Toolbars.

  7. Listeners, Events and Cursors.

  8. Customizing component properties - Component Sizes, Borders, Text Fields and Labels

  9. Laying Out Controls with GridBagLayout

  10. List Boxes, Combo Boxes, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Menus, Popup Menus.

  11. Mnemonics and Accelerators

  12. Message Boxes, Dialogs, File Choosers.

  13. Model-View-Controller- Creating a Data Model, Creating a Controller.

  14. Creating Tables, Selecting and Deleting Rows in Tables.

  15. Spinners

  16. Saving Program Data- Preferences. 

  17. Arranging and Designing Dialogs and Forms.

  18. Swing and JDBC

  19. Panes

  20. Tree Views

  21. Multithreading in Swing

  22. Applets

  23. Timers

  24. Basic Animation

  25. Miscellaneous topics


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