Course Detail: Introduction to Data Structures and Java Collections Framework in a Day

Course Description: 

Java Collections Framework is not a feature of Java, but as it is called, is a framework. Collection framework in Java provides a set of readily usable efficient implementations for commonly used data structures and algorithms. A basic understanding of the data constructs like arrays, String, linked list, stack, queue and trees, and concepts like hashing, will help you understand collections better. So this one day crash program aim to get introduced to most important data structures and concepts, and will also give a small introduction to Java collections framework, from where you should be able to continue learning on your own. If you still need assistance, we have further advanced courses.

Course Content: 

Part 1: Introduction to data structures

  • Arrays

  • Linked Lists

  • Hash Table and hashing concepts

  • Stacks and Queues

  • Trees - Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree (BST).

  • Introduction to Sorting techniques


Part 2: Quick introduction to Java collections framework


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Rs. 500.00(Limited Time Offer)

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