Course Detail: Java and Data Structures Crash Course

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Knowlwdge of core Java and Data structures are very important for clearing most coding interviews for java positions. If you are applying for a product development company, then they are a must. Some companies like Amazon even ask you upfront to learn all popular data structures before coming for the interview. This is a crash course that try to touch as many topics as possible from few other courses with special focus on interviews. 

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Part 1: Job Oriented Java Basics

  1. Basics concepts for writing Java code - Source code, class file, packages, JVM, JDK, JRE, Path and Classpath.

  2. Classes, methods, constructors and variables

  3. OOPS concepts – Inheritance, overloading, encapsulation and polymorphism

  4. Abstract class vs. interface

  5. Decision and looping constructs

  6. Arrays and Strings in Java


Part 2: Data Structures and Algorithms


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wat about packages ?


Thank you for the suggestion. I have made some changes to the course topics and included more basic topics.

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