Course Detail: Practical REST Web Services Crash Course

Course Description: 

This course will teach you important concepts from HTTP and Servlets. We will cover RESTful web services in detail as it is a requirement for most jobs and even for learning advanced framework concepts. This course will cover enough information so that you can then do advanced framework courses like Spring MVC and Spring REST. 

Course Content: 

Please find a quick outline for the course:

  1. HTTP and Servlets

    1. Introduction to Java EE Environment

    2. HTTP methods and response codes

    3. Servlet Basics

    4. Session Management*

    5. Web Security*

  2. RESTful Web Services

    1. RESTful web services - Theory and Guidelines

    2. Working with JAX-RS API

    3. Create a RESTful web service in a servlet container

    4. Create a RESTful web service in a Java EE App Server

    5. Create a web service client for a RESTful web service

    6. Apply best practices to design and implement web service.

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Rs. 500.00(Limited Time Offer)

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