Course Detail: Core Java Advanced - OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II Certification Training

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This Java course focusses on the required topics for OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II exam (1Z0-804) and Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer exam (1Z0-805) with hands on exercises and mock tests. Based on if the primary need of students is Certification or Job Interviews, we will have special focus on certian areas. Before taking this course, students should have completed Java Programmer 1 course or should have cleared the certification exam or should clear the internal exam (if needed).

Course Content: 
  1. OOPS concepts – Inheritance, overloading, encapsulation and polymorphism
  2. Abstract, final, static and inner classes
  3. Design patterns – Singleton, Factory, DAO
  4. Generics and Collections
  5. Strings, formatting and regular expressions
  6. Java I/O, File I/O, NIO2
  7. Java Database Connectivity
  8. Exceptions and Assertions
  9. Localization
  10. Multithreading, Concurrent collections and Concurrency Package
  11. Mock Tests for Java SE 7 Programmer II exam (exam number 1Z0-804).
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Curently we don't have any ready made materials for 1z0-804, but only for 1z0-803. We have only step by step course available where you will be given a topic to learn with materials and there will be doubt clearing sessions, sample exams and mock interviews after that.

We are anyway sending you a link to one material we could find. Let us know if it could help you in any way and do come back and ask any doubts.

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