One Plus Two Crash Courses

"One Plus Two Crash Courses" are specially designed crash courses for quickly learning various topics in short span of time and with a much lesser fee. Current minimum fee is Rs. 250 and maximum fee is Rs. 2500. Best part is that you can decide your discount. Continue reading for more details.

All the courses currently listed at and is provided by javajee will be taken through this mode.

There will be 1 half day on first week and 2 half days (or 1 full day) on next week.

The first half day on the first week will take care of an essential overview of the topic along with a quick introduction to any prerequisites. Students can then practice more on basics and also brush up or learn about any prerequisite before the next week. They can even join other weekday crash course on any prerequisite (if one is available).

Second week will concentrate on more advanced topics within the course along with more hands on exercises. 

There will be also a bonus session later to clear all doubts that might have come up after the course. You need to complete the exercises given at the end of the course to attend this bonus doubts clearing session.


Discount upto 90 percent

This course will be provided by team and you will be able to redeem javajee points upto 90 percent of the course fee.

Current minimum fee is Rs. 250 and maximum fee is Rs. 2500.

If you want a discount, please let us know the discount you want and we will provide it or let you know how to get it.  

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